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What is the meaning behind the name “Red Devils”, this is the mascot of the Springville High School, and both students and alumni endearingly call each other “devils” and “red devils”.

What is the meaning behind this mascot? Is it just linked to one origin, or has the name taken on quite an individual meaning to those who go by this moniker?

Springville High School is one of the two high schools that serves and is located in SpringvilleUtah, United States.

Springville High School’s mascot is the Red Devil. The origin of the mascot name dates back to the original construction of the school, when the Red Devil Cement Company assisted significantly in the building. The most recent opposition occurred when some local citizens organized a committee called “Parents for Mascot Review”.[2]
Alumni of the school countered that the mascot was not Satanic, and had been the official mascot since 1967 when students voted it in. Further they claimed it was historically significant. The name and image came from the Red Devil Cement Co., a historically important employer in Springville. An actual cement bag with the Red Devil Cement logo on it can be found in one of the display cases in the high school.
Former principal, Rick Robins hired former Head Football Coach Scott Mitchell as Head Football Coach in 2008. In 2007 the Red Devils posted two wins and eight losses.
The Red Devil swim team won back-to-back boys’ 4A state championships in 2008 and 2009. The championships of 2008 and 2009 mark the first time a boys’ team of any sport at SHS has won back-to-back titles. The Red Devils have also posted region championships in girls tennis, girls cross country, girls’ soccer, boys’ golf, volleyball, boys’ swimming, boys cross country, football and girls’ basketball. The boys’ basketball team won the 2017 4A basketball championship for the first time since 1958.
In 2017, the boys track team won the 4A state title and in 2018, the team won the 5a state championship.

Over the years, the name has reflected many other things than just a representation of the company that helped build the original highschool in the early 1900s. In fact, this mascot’s origins got lost in history and no one that I knew growing up knew exactly where the name came from, despite that I had attended school there for most of my youth.

Many people that I knew speculated that it came from cultish or satanic origins, and other people thought that it came from the bad reputation that the area has always been known for, especially regarding the distribution of drugs in Springville.

In recent years the mascot became a viral controversy in both local politics and on social media, despite that the mascot has gone hand-in-hand with Springville high school for a century.

In 2002 the Springville City Council referred this up to the Nebo School District Board to be considered as a possible name change.


In the end, the majority voted to keep the mascot;

So what else does this mascot mean, besides the mascot of the school and the football team? Or the logo/name of a business that helped build the school? Has this taken on a more “eye of the beholder” meaning?

Students at Maple Mountain High School used some pretty strong words to describe the Red Devils at Springville High School in their yearbook this year. (2018)

What is interesting about this, is not that these two schools are apparently rivals. Like myself, I lived in Mapleton and went to school in Springville because the two cities shared a school system beyond 6th grade, up until 2009.
When Maple Mountain was built to serve both Mapleton and Spanish Fork Utah students. Yet still, many Mapleton students attend Springville Highschool.

With such a religious and affluent community, what would drive Maple Mountain Highschool students to not only submit but then print a page in their yearbook to portray Springville High “Red Devils” in such a negative light?

Was this just a prank, or an accident? Or is there more to it?

I have personally written about the unique qualities of Springville for a long time, including being one of the #1 prescription drug rates in the nation, above-average teen suicide rates, and excessive bullying. Along with several mass murder-suicides that have taken place in the area in recent years.

When I attended my 20 year high school reunion on September 27th, 2014, I decided to leave early, it just sempt like sort of a cold and pretentious get-together, and seeing that I hadn’t had a date with my wife in several years without the kids, we decided it would be more fun to leave the reunion and go celebrate our marriage together.

I am the bald-headed guy to the left of the photo

On the way down the canyon, right across the street from Springville Highschool ironically, there was a road full of police, ambulance, and firefighters in front of and in a house. We had no idea what it was when we passed, and we went on with our night and we proceeded to have a lot of fun. However, the end result was there was a murder-suicide of a local family, that the parents killed their children and then they killed themselves, waiting for some end-times event to happen or something.
It had a lot to do with religion and all sorts of strange beliefs. Which is not something uncommon to Utah.

Since that time two more friends have ended their own lives that I went to school within Springville, and 14 others (including my youngest brother Justin) prior to this reunion had ended their own lives.

In fact, in 2008 I had made this video about the “silent epidemic” in Utah.

Utah Pirate Radio @ Youtube

I had also critiqued a study by BYU saying that greater religious dedication reduces suicidal tendencies that same year.

Utah Pirate Radio @ Youtube

A lot of people point out that Springville Utah put out a report that they were “Lower for illegal drugs” than some of the surrounding areas.
But they always fail to point out that Springville literally leads the nation for prescription drug abuse. I have documented how and why in several blogs and videos.

I wrote at length about this on this blog post:

I also documented my findings in this video

It is like this;

  1. The USA leads the world for prescription drug abuse
  2. Utah leads the USA for prescription drug abuse
  3. Springville leads the state of Utah for prescription drug abuse

Springville Utah is where I went to Middle School, Jr. High school, and High School for a few weeks. Springville is where I started my first and second businesses (on Main Street), and Mapleton is where I bought my first home. Although when we started having children, I could not bear to see my kids go through the pain of growing up in that very judgemental and cliquey environment.

I have decided to not attend any more class reunions, and in fact, I now live in Hawaii, which is as far away as you can get from any landmass on earth. In lieu of attending the upcoming reunions, I will just blog and speak my mind. Then no one hsa to be offended or traumatized by my words and they can just enjoy their life without this kind of thing. If they choose to read this, will be their choice. Similar to what I said on facebook “if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it, or block me”.

I do have fond memories of growing up in Utah. Working at the irrigation company as a teen. Having some really good friends that I still love and cherish today. I met my wife in Utah in fact. Thanks to social media I can still stay in contact, without having to expose my family to the rotting environment in Utah.

I recently made this video to illustrate what has changed about Springville in the last 20 years or so.

In summary, I personally do think that the Red Devils mascot has taken on some very personal meanings to people in Springville, and it has given the area sort of a black cloud as when others think of “the Red Devils” many other things come to mind, other than just football and highschool.

Just my 2 cents. – Ryan Thompson August 30th 2019

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